Rock-A-Bye Baby!

If you have a new baby, know someone with a new baby, know someone expecting baby, are a baby yourself, or even have trouble getting to sleep…ROCK-A-BYE BABY can help!
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365 Toddler Tips

Tips and tricks for caring for toddlers.  Includes hints and tricks for almost every situation.




Toilet Training Without Tears or Trauma

A stress-free guide to toilet teaching with "quick tips" from experienced parents and medical answers to commonly asked questions.





365 Baby Care Tips

Everything you need to know about caring for your baby in the first year of life.  Includes helpful hints and tips for almost every situation.




Quality Time, Any Time

Learn how to turn any time into parent/child quality time, with hundreds of quick and easy activities that help teach children important values and developmental skills. No matter where you are – waiting, bathing, eating, shopping, or driving – you’ll be ready to use that time for fun and learning with your child.

Smart Start for Your Baby

Child-development expert Penny warner has written this original baby care guide that not only describes your baby's growth during the first year, it also provides numerous suggestions to help you stimulate your baby's development week by week. Read your baby's cues; understand its physical, cognitive and psychological growth week by week during the first year; Facilitate your baby's development through games and activities; Maximise your baby's potential without pressuring it. Thirty topics stage-by-stage up to 12 Months.

Preschooler Play & Learn

150 illustrated ideas for games and activities designed to stimulate your preschooler’s learning and development in the area of physical, cognitive, language, psychological, emotional and social growth. Includes recommended ages from 3 to 6 divided into 6 month stages, with easy-to-find materials, developmental skills, step-by-step instructions, variations for enhanced learning, and safety tips.

Baby Play and Learn

160 age-appropriate games and learning activities for the first three years of life, that will provide hours of developmental learning opportunities and rewards for babies, including skill-building, safety tips, variations for enhanced learning, and illustrations for how to play.