Parents' & Kids' Guide to Summer Camp

Everything you need to prepare for an incredible camp adventure!





Summer Smarts for Cool Kids

Over 150 fantastic and fun learning activities to help kids beat the summer blahs.





Learn to Sign the Fun Way

Here’s the fast, fun and easy way for kids to learn American Sign Language. Start by fingerspelling the Manual Alphabet and numbers, then learn signs for people, animals, food, drink, home, clothing, colors, sports, activities, action, body, school, even silly & fun signs. The last chapter offers over 35 games to play using sign language.

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Storybook Parties

Kids love storybooks! Teachers, librarians, and parents can host 45 different parties featuring favorite children’s stories. Each party offers step-by-step instructions for creating invitations, decorations, refreshments, and party favors based on each special storybook theme. With a little imagination, you can transform a family room into a forest, a playroom into a palace, a schoolroom into a sailing ship, or a back yard into a beach.

Slumber Parties

You’ll find 25 fun-filled slumber parties, complete with ideas for invitations, decorations, costumes, games, activities, food, favors, and videos. Themes include “Fabulous Fashions,” “Silly Olympics,” “Sixties Hippie Party,” “Cool Camp-In,” Karaoke Celebration,” “Miracle Makeover,” “Secrete Séance,” “Arty Party,” and “TV Talent Show.”

Baby Birthday Parties

Choose from 20 party themes for babies from 1 to 3 years of age, including as “Mother Goose Party,” “Teddy Bear Picnic,” “Kiddie Crafts Party,” Kinder-Gym Party,” “Trains, Planes and Automobiles,” “Beach Babies Party,” and “Winter Wonderland Party.”


Kids' Outdoor Parties

Find hundreds of fun things to do at outdoor parties for kids 4 to 12, including invitations, decorations, costumes, games, activities, food, cakes, favors and helpful hints. Themes include “Archeology Expedition,” “Circus,” “Hayride,” “Hollywood Stunts,” “Olympic Gold,” “Outdoor Theaters,” and "Space the Final Frontier.”

Great Games for Kids on the Go

Getting there is twice the fun with these 240 easy-to-learn games and activities that make traveling by car, plan, train, or boat exciting for the whole family. The games require little preparation, few materials, and will keep the kids busy and entertained, as they exercise their minds.

Kids' Pick-A-Party

There are 50 creative theme parties to help you celebrate your child’s birthday, with ideas for invitations, decorations, costumes, games, activities, food, and party favors. You’ll find easy ways to entertain the guests at your Mystery Party, Pirate Ship Party, Prehistoric Party, Science Explorers Party, Secret Agent Party, Sports and Games Party, Wild West Party, and many more.

Games People Play

Select from over 180 party games, ranging from the intellectual to the rowdy, and put the fun back into parties. You’ll find word games, drawing games, knowledge games, memory games, and trivia games. There are silly games, physical games, games of chance, old favorites with a twist, new games, best-selling games, TV games, holiday games, and romantic games – something for every party and every player.

Kids' Party Cookbook

You’ll find recipes for fun and festive party treats that are healthier than the traditional high-sugar, junk-food goodies. The recipes are creative, unique, fun to eat, and easy to make, with simple step-by-step instructions, a list of ingredients, and variations on each recipe. Check out the Creative Cakes and Ice Cream Dreams, Snappy Snacks and Dazzling Drinks, Mini-Meals and Dynamite Desserts, then send the guests home with Fun Food Favors.

Birthday Parties for Kids

An easy guide to quick, fun and inexpensive party ideas, from invitations, decorations, and food, to games, activities and favors. The book includes 12 steps to perfect party planning, how to choose a theme, and ways to personalize your child’s special event.

Splish Splash - Water Fun For Kids

Here are dozens of ways to enjoy water fun, including Pool, Lake and Ocean Games, Sprinkler Fun, Bathtub Activities, Water Table Play, Water Toys to make, Water Games to play and Water Arts and Crafts. Just add water!

Kids' Holiday Fun

Celebrating the holidays is even more fun with this collection of ideas for the best traditional and contemporary family holiday activities from January to December. The book includes decorations, arts and crafts, recipes, games, songs, and party ideas, as well as holiday lore, for everything from New Years, Christmas, and Hanukkah to April Fools, St. Patrick’s, and Halloween.

Kids' Party Games and Activities

Here are hundreds of the most entertaining games and activities for kids’ parties, with step-by-step instructions, age divisions, and bonus tips for each entry. Inside you’ll find icebreakers, traditional favorites, contemporary games, competitive and noncompetitive activities, indoor and outdoor fun, group projects, outings and events, and entertainers.

Best Party Book

Over 1001 ideas for every imaginable party, with easy-to-follow instructions for innovative invitations, festive decorations, crowd-pleasing refreshments, exciting games and activities, and fun prizes and favors. You’ll find suggestions for holiday fun, family get-togethers, reunions, graduations, birthdays, bon voyage and welcome home, pot-lucks, buffets, surprises, and lots more.