Silence is Golden Reviews

“Penny Warner takes us back to the Gold Country for another tightly woven yarn told by her feisty heroine, Connor Westphal. With a finely tuned story, a keen ear for dialogue, more than a touch of good humor, a hint of romance, Warner once again shows why she is among the best of the genre. Silence is Golden is an intricate and entertaining tale with perfectly drawn characters. Pull up a comfortable chair, get a large mocha, and enjoy the ride.”

– Sheldon Siegel    
Author of Deadly Legacy and Fatal Truth    


“Once again Warner has given us a glimpse into small town life, and the world of the hearing impaired. This time, we learn about cochlear implants . . . both the pros and cons about this surgery. Warner never preaches, but certainly can open your eyes to a world you may never inhabit.”

– Deadly Pleasures    


“At first I didn’t think I would like this book. I wasn’t sure what to do with Connor. I always try to “help” the hero of whatever story I am reading and this one was no different. But I wasn’t sure how to relate to Connor. I really wanted to protect her completely and keep her out of harms way totally. As I got into the book, I gradually relaxed when I saw that Connor was comfortable with herself and could do quite well on her own. From that point on, I enjoyed the story as much as I would any other. It was suspenseful and exciting, with a little romance thrown in for good measure.”

– Murder and Mayhem Book Club    


It’s always a real treat to get a new Connor Westphal Mystery, and this one does not disappoint. Warner is the winner of the Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards. In SILENCE IS GOLDEN, she has maintained her high standards. A highly readable book, again telling of some interesting aspects of deaf culture without taking over the story. For those of you who are fans of Connor, I must report that Dan, her PI love is present and as “hot” as ever. Run out and buy all of Penny Warner’s Connor Westphal stories. You will be very happy you did.”

– Reviewing the Evidence    


“For the people who are new to the series, the author does a great job at describing the characters enough for you to know and understand them. The plot is very interesting and moves along quickly . . . the outcome was never obvious.”

– Romance Readers Connection    


“Eureka! News editor Connor Westphal returns in her sixth mystery. Also returning is a town full of eclectic characters . . . Mystery readers can expect a complex whodunit, some interesting twists and turns, and a surprising end. (Warner) brings the honest, sometimes skeptical, and always amusing voice of Connor to life.”



“Although the protagonist of Silence is Golden is deaf, she is much more aware of the world around her than people who aren’t hearing impaired. She is very at east in her own skin and leads a very extraordinary life as she jumps from one dangerous situation to another. Penny Warner is a creative writer who knows how to develop fascinating characters that turn her novels, especially this tale, into action packed winners for readers.”